LXRandCo Expands Vintage Luxury Offering With New Product Categories and Diversifies Handbag Sourcing

 Company Adds Apparel and Shoes at Five Locations and Adds New US-Based Handbag Supplier

MONTREAL, Sept. 21, 2017 /CNW/ - LXRandCo, Inc. ("LXRandCo" or the "Company") (TSX: LXR, LXR.WT), an international omni-channel retailer of branded vintage luxury handbags and accessories, today announced that it has expanded its vintage luxury product offering with the addition of apparel and shoes at five locations.  The Company also announced that it has diversified its handbag sourcing through a new supplier agreement with a leading U.S.-based vendor.

Addition of New Vintage Luxury Product Categories

Beginning this week, LXRandCo is introducing two new vintage luxury product categories – apparel and shoes for women and men – at five of the top performing locations of its largest retail partner in the US.  With these new categories, LXRandCo will introduce new brands such as Christian Louboutin, Moncler, and Giuseppe Zanotti, among others, complementing the brands it already offers in its handbag and accessories category. The addition of the apparel and shoe categories follows on the addition of watches and jewelry in August 2017 with the opening of a dedicated counter at its Wall Street location in New York City, as well as the addition of watches and jewelry to the LXRandCo e-commerce site. The new watch and jewelry category will feature such brands as Rolex, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co., among others.

"Like the vintage luxury handbag market, other personal vintage luxury markets such as watches, apparel and shoes are experiencing tremendous growth as consumers seek out individual pieces with great stories at more approachable prices, and the "re-use" economy becomes increasingly entrenched in our lives," said Fred Mannella, Chief Executive Officer, LXRandCo.  "The addition of these new categories represents a significant opportunity to leverage the LXRandCo brand, as well as our rapidly expanding retail network and e-commerce channel, to drive additional revenue growth at enhanced margins.  Our new offerings will feature many of the same iconic brands that have underpinned the success of our handbag and small leather goods business, alongside the most coveted names in each of the new categories.  As with our handbags, our inventories in these new categories will be highly curated, with a focus on top sellers and top styles to ensure the same vintage luxury shopping experience that both our consumers and our retail partners have come to expect from LXRandCo."

New Supply Agreement

LXRandCo has entered into an agreement with a leading US-based supplier of pre-owned luxury handbags, expanding and diversifying the sources from which it procures its handbag inventory.

"A key objective of our sourcing strategy is to diversify our third-party suppliers beyond Japan to expand our margins, while further enhancing the breadth and depth of our product offerings," said Mr. Mannella.  "The addition of this US-based supplier contributes meaningfully in each of these ways.  At the same time, we are continuing to focus on expanding the proportion of inventory we source directly from consumers to further enhance our margins."

About LXRandCo

LXRandCo is a rapidly growing, international omni-channel retailer of branded vintage luxury handbags and other personal luxury products. LXRandCo sources and authenticates high-quality, pre-owned products from iconic brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, among others, and sells them at attractive prices through: a retail network of stores located in major department stores in Canada, the United States and Europe; wholesale operations primarily in the United States; and its own e-Commerce website, www.lxrco.com.  

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